January usually is a time of rebirth. It is also time for bad movies. And this is what we have here. Awful. That’s it. I finished my review of I, Frankenstein’s trailer. It is January, so this movie is trash.

Now I love Arron Eckhart. I even watched Battle Los Angeles for him. But I don’t believe he is a leading man big budget movie star. Loved him as Harvey Dent in “The Dark Knight”, and I was drawn in by him in “Thank You for Smoking”, and I gave him a pass in “Olympus Has Fallen” (I gave everyone a pass on that one). But I watched the I, Frankenstein trailer and said is he pulling a Liam Neesom at 45 or a Matt Damon and decided he should be an action/monster movie star? It can be done considering I just entioned 2 guys who pulled it off at different stages in their career, but I just don’t see him being the leading man. Especially not in this chop shop of a movie (did you see what I did there? Chop Shop and Frankenstein? Gosh I slay me. See I did it again). First of all, the movie doesn’t even look real. It looks like a CGI fest. Second, it seems to follow the path of the Underworld films in its tone and temper. You know what made the Underworld films popular? Kate Beckinsale in black leather. Thats it. No other secret here. Yes, Eckhart hit the gym hard and his re-animated body is chiseled to Hugh Jackman proportions, but that is not enough to get women to get their skeptical fan boys to come out and play. This isn’t Best Man Holiday which had the women to compliment the fine men to make it worth seeing.   Now they do have Yvonne Strahovski from “Chuck” as the love interest I guess, but she is not hot enough for me to pay money to go see it. Works for free TV (and she wore a lot of black leather in that show as well), but not sure she can make me show up at Regal Court Street cinemas in Brooklyn. 

So, as I stated before we started this review… this movie is absolute trash receptacle ready.  I’d wait until HBOGO or Netflix to check this one out. Just saying save your money for the Spring. Now that is a time for movie and human rebirth.